Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are becoming very popular in homes these days. You may have heard the term but what exactly is a wet room?

Wet Rooms

It is basically a sealed bathroom with ""tanked"" walls and floors (basically sealed with waterproof layers of matting) which stops all water from getting out. Usually there will be a sloping floor to make sure that water flows down to a drain, leaving no excess water.

It is a room where basically everything can get wet. So not the place to have dry item such as towels or electrical appliances such as shavers. Wet rooms will usually be concentric to a main shower, usually separated by a glass screen. Wet rooms have gained popularity as they boast many advantages.

Accessibility is a main draw for many people, particularly those who may have restricted movement needs such as those with disabilities or the elderly. Access straight into the shower is much more easier and removes the need for a shower tray.

Having a wet room is also basically reinforcing the waterproofing of an area of the property which may ordinarily be prone to leaks and other water related problems. Damp which is a risk when leaked water gets into the walls and builds up moisture is not a problem to be ever encountered with a wet room. Everything flows to a central drain and any moisture will only be found within the sealed walls of the room.

Wet rooms are easy to clean. Usual household cleaners can be used on all surfaces to eliminate mould and keep everything sterile and clean.

Wet rooms are a good solution to smaller rooms. If you feel a bath takes up too much room and you want to benefit from the resultant space, then a wet room is perfect as it will open up the room completely and a shower can be installed in its place.

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